Belle Dates

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These stuffed dates bring back the fondest memories of my Mom and Sisters in the kitchen at holiday times. My sister Cali has kept this recipe and tradition alive. It is surprising when something that is old – is new again!

In years past, dates were prized (some of which was that they only showed up on the holidays and were considered an expensive tidbit). Very simply, for our family recipe, whole dates were split, pit removed and replaced with a 1/2 walnut, which was then lovingly rolled in table sugar. These were always served on the best crystal dish that our Mother, Bella, had available. Belle Dates, simple and perfect as a starter or a small sweet with coffee.


15 pitted dates
15 walnut halves
sugar & Pummull Spice, for dusting

Slice each date to remove pit, but do not cut all the way through. Stuff dates with one walnut half per date. Roll in the table sugar accented with a sprinkle of Pummull Spice. Place on greased waxed paper in the refrigerator until ready to serve. Serve stuffed dates as a starter to a meal, or as a sweet with coffee.


Belle Dates with Goat Cheese

For a sweet and savory alternative to the basic recipe, stuff the dates with a 1/2 teaspoon of Goat Cheese then add walnut half and roll lightly in sugar & Pummull Spice. The slightly sweet, sometimes salty undertones in goat cheese add a delicious delight taste to the dates, and result in a wonderful starter.

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