Amazing Heat Pita Chips

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The Amazing Heat Pita Chips are the perfect quick, homemade snack for any occasion. Delicious by themselves or kick them up with your favorite toppings!



1 Pita Pocket
½ inch Canola Oil (for shallow frying)
Amazing Heat, to taste

1. Cut Pita pockets into 8 triangles and separate into 16 pieces per pita pocket

pitacut1 pitacut3 pitacut2
2. Heat ½ inch Canola Oil (or favorite cooking oil) in a skillet

3. Drop pita triangles into hot oil, as many as will fit in your skillet without overlapping

4. Flip triangles after about 5-10 seconds.
5. Fry another 5-10 seconds and transfer to towel-lined dish.

6. Dust hot pita with Amazing Heat to taste
7. Repeat with as much pita as your heart desires!

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