Sayonara Boring Sando!

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Packed Lunch

So I am a lunch packer, but not a sandwich lover!  Recently I was working with a fellow foodie and great chef and we discussed our love of packing our lunches (interesting don’t you think)!  He had said, and I quote “When a sandwich is boring…it is because the sandwich-maker is bored”.  That really hit me, because the last thing I think of myself is boring!  However,  guilty as charged in the category of sandwich-maker.  So this week when I was about to rack up my weeks lunches, I started to think about sandwiches, had nothing in the house to really make a sandwich – but came up with this “non-boring” sandwich which I will call; “The *Kitchen Sink – Chicken Salad Sandwich”.  Here is the recipe and some photos shot along the way, it was fun to make, held up amazing and oh so delicious.  Hope this inspires to be inspired, and share your creations along the way.

The (Kitchen Sink) Chicken Salad Sandwichphoto_5photo_8photo_6photo_4
makes 3 sandwiches –


6 slices of great bread (or can be made in a wrap)
1 ½ C Chopped Chicken (perfect use for leftover Broasted Chicken)
1 Tart Apple, unpeeled, cored and very thinly sliced
1 Celery Stalk finely chopped
2 Green onions finely chopped
¼ C roasted Nuts chopped
¼ C Raisins
½ C Hummus (love pumpkin! You pick your fav)
Dressing Mayo, a little Balsamic vinegar, I use Amazing Heat, salt and pepper, you set amounts to your taste!
Lettuce leaves


Assemble sandwich so lettuce leaves go against bread first (makes the sandwich not soggy. Then divide chicken salad and spread on lettuce. On other bread slice spread hummus, cover with thinly sliced apple – a little salt and pepper, dusting of amazing heat or your spicy seasoning. Place bread sides together – slice, wrap and go!  Sandwiches can hold up to 3 days still crisp and wonderful!

Ready for the week

Ever wonder were the expression *Everything but the kitchen sink” comes from?  Here it is:  in World War Two when everything possible was used to contribute to the war effort…all metal was used for the U.S. arsenal.  The only objects left out were porcelain kitchen sinks!

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