“Can do”…it’s an attitude!

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I love “can do” stories. Those ideas that come to you, that maybe don’t make sense to anyone else. Something that seems difficult, fraught with obstacles, often eliciting the outcry “well that will never work! Well I am here to share a quick picture story that is totally irrelevant to the Kitchen but not to The Kitchens Bounty! We just really believe in the “can do.



Here goes… 18 months ago a huge tree was removed from our woods out of necessity. As I witnessed the grand tree being cut up and hauled away, I caught a glimpse of the final bottom stump of this once proud tree sitting in the back of the truck being hauled away. It was a deep “V” and reminded me of an Eagle… I had that thought and then let it pass away. Hours later it dawned on me that tree should not just go away… that stump reminded me of an Eagle and that is what it should be! Flash forward 18 months, with the creative skills of a wood artist the stump was moved to his studio and an Eagle was born. Today, a team of the most incredible Woodsmen have just delivered the said “Eagle”…all seven feet of him! He is now perched on a tall tree stump in perfect site of our Kitchen… back in the woods from where he came. He is magnificent, he is regal, and he is a project that was claimed “will never work.”
Amazing what can be accomplished with a team of people that are willing to work together. Thank you to Roe’s Tree Service Team, and to Larry Burns, an amazing wood carver, and to the Kitchens Bounty Team, for never being shocked at what is coming down the road! Here is to the next “Can do!” Happy Birthday Pete!

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